Black & white Southern Right Whale underwater

About Me


Ambassador for nature & wildlife conservation through imagery

Over the last 21 years, I’ve been lucky enough to share a unique part of Tasmania’s coastline with people, skippering tourism vessels. Over the years, sadly, I’ve witnessed the collapse of ecosystems, e.g macrocystis forests (Giant Kelp), every single major scale fishery from bait fish to barracuda and various other commercially targeted fish species. Currently witnessing the collapse of the rock lobster and abalone fishery and witnessing the introduction of invasive species like centrostephanus (Long-spiced Sea Urchin).

Through this journey, I came to realise that all of us – in some way – contribute to the demise of everything that we love to see and capture. Sometimes it seems easier to point the finger at others that ‘impact more than we do’. At the end of the day, it’s about pointing the finger at yourself and doing what you can within your means to help conserve, protect and nurture the very systems that are already in place that keep us alive.

Photography has allowed me to capture unique aspects of animal behaviour, diversity and individuality in a way that embraces this area and forms a basis for conservation through contribution to data collection and species identification.

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